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Family-owned businesses face a unique set of challenges that must be addressed to ensure a sound foundation for the business and the family. The challenging issues relating to family businesses affect finances, relationships and the long-term success of the organization.

From keynote presentations to hands-on workshops, the information presented always has practical applications for the participants, with real take home value. All presentations are tailored to fit the needs of the group and the program, designed with the special interests of the audience in mind.

The following topics are examples of those we offer and can be presented in keynote presentations, in small (2-3 hour) seminars, or as complete full-day workshops.

  • Keys to Success in Family-Owned Businesses
  • Comprehensive Guide to Succession Planning in a Family-Owned Business
  • Getting Along with Family Members
  • Creating Family Boards: How to Make Them Work
  • Working Together Effectively for Couples Who Run a Business 
  • Professional Development for Family Business Advisors
  • Sex, Death and Money: Now That I Have Your Attention, Can We Talk?
  • Chief Emotional Officer and Other Roles of Women in the Family Business
  • Types of Family Business Ownership
  • Knowledge and the Real Transfer of Power
  • Family Business Leadership



Professionals working with family businesses quickly discover the unique concerns and conflicts generated by the merger of personal and professional lives…and the complexity of working with a multi-generational group. Until recently, these professionals had few places to learn new, effective ways to assist their family business clients. 

The Aspen Family Business Group has developed a program to meet this need. Training sessions for business professionals designed around the book, Working With Family Businesses: A Guide For Professionals, authored by The Group, are now available for your organization. 

This program is designed for experts in a variety of fields, including attorneys, accountants, insurance executives, financial planners and investment bankers. The program “ Working With Family Businesses” will help professionals appreciate the uniqueness of family business and learn useful techniques for working with clients toward their personal, financial and business goals.




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